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Mobile Applications

Smart phones have become the basic elements in the lives of people of different levels, categories and ages. These devices can be used in all areas of life. They are used in business and delivery. They help people communicate with each other in an easy and economical way.

Rital has developed an application that allows its users to benefit from all Rital services, offering all services in one platform. This application is characterized by the following:
1. Retal's agent or agent can handle his account directly with the company.
2- Making use of all electronic wallet services.
3. Electronic payment services.
4 - Faisal Islamic Bank Services (electronic collection).
5 - Electronic submission of institutions of higher education Sudanese.
6 - Ability to know the points and locations of service Rital on a map with access to navigation.
7 - Conducting the transactions of 15 electronic delivery (inquiry - payment).
8. And more