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fi zili altatawur altiknulujii aljanunii waladhi lm yatruk 'ayu janib min jawanib alhayat 'iilaa wawade bisimatih ealayha wamin tilk aljawanib alhamt: almueamalat walmaliat watadawul alsilae walbaye walshira' wawasayil aldafe almukhtalifat walmutatawirati, waturuq tahwil al'amwal min shakhs li'ukharin 'aw limuasasat fi zilin baed almasafati, waghyraha min altaqniat alhadithat alty sahalat eamaliat aldafe watadawul alsilae 'aw alnuqud waqabl alhadith ean 'ahamiyat makinat niqat albaye (POS System) litasjil almadfueat alnaqdiat wa'iisdar alfawatir wa'ahamu mumayazatiha wawazayifiha yajdur bina altaearuf awla ealaa bed almafahim alty qad takun ghamidatan balnsbt lilbued 'aw ghyr wadihat tamamaan, waminha ealaa sabil almathali, khidmat niqat albayei, walmaqsud bimakinat niqat albaye watariq aistikhdamuha waghiriha min alniqat alty tughatiy hdha almawdue. ma almaqsud bikhidmat niqat albye? khidmat niqat albaye (Point of Sale) walati takhtasir b (POS) hi khidmat tadeam nizam tahwil almabaligh almadfueat mqabl eamaliat shira' alsilae almukhtalifat biwasayil 'iiliktruniat ean tariq bitaqat alsiraf alalii wahi khidmat mutatawirat tati kabdil ean aldafe bialturuq altaqlidiat 'aw ean tariq alnaqd alwaraqi, faman khilal hadhih alkhidmat ytmu sadad almabaligh 'ilktrwnyaan wdhlk bwastt aistikhdam albitaqat almasrifiat 'aw bitaqat almuhafazat al'iiliktrunia . mazayana maakinat naqt albaye (POS System) 1- tumathil eamil 'aman qawii hayth tuefi altaajir min alaihtifaz bi'amwalih fi mahali albie. 2- tahul almadfueat mubasharatan 'iilaa alhisab almasrifii liltaajir wabialttali tuafir marhalat naql wa'iidae al'amwal. 3- taqadam khidmatan 'iidafiatan lileumala' wahadha al'amr yueaziz almunafasat. 4- tarfae mueadal almubieat wdhlk li'ana alzabun yumkinuh alshira' bialbitaqat bsahulatan. 5- tusahil ealaa altaajir eamaliat mutabaeat hisabah wadabtih wamaerifat almubayeat alkhasat bikuli yawmin. 6- tahmi sahib almahali min altaearud lilughash 'aw alsariqat hayth la yujad tadawul naqdiun dakhil almutajarr. 7- taqdi ealaa mashakil aleumlat altaalifat w almuzyfat. 8- tuetabar mayzat tunafisiat jayidat lilmahalaat walmatajir alty tuqbal aldafe bialbitaqati.

In the shadow of the insane technological development, which left no aspect of life except to put its mark on it and from these important aspects: transactions, finance, commodities trading, buying and selling, various means of payment, ways of transferring funds from person to person or institution in the light of distances, Which facilitated the payment and circulation of goods or money Before talking about the importance of the POS system to register cash payments and billing and the most important features and functions We should first identify some concepts that may be vague for some or not quite clear, For example, a POS service, intended as a POS machine and the way it is used and other points covering the subject.

What is POS?

Point of Sale (POS) is a service that supports the payment system for the purchase of various goods by electronic means through the ATM card, a sophisticated service that comes as an alternative to payment by traditional methods or through paper money, through This service is made electronically by using a bank card or electronic wallet card.

Advantages of POS machines

   1 - represents a strong safety factor where the merchant is exempt from keeping his money in the place of sale.
    2. Payments shall be transferred directly to the merchant's bank account and thus provide the stage of transfer and deposit of funds.
    3 - provide additional service to customers and this enhances competition.
    4. Increase the sales rate because the customer can buy the card easily.
    5 - Facilitate the trader to follow up his account and control and know the sales of each day.
    6 - protects the owner of the shop from being cheated or robbed where there is no cash circulation inside the store.
    7 - Eliminates the problems of damaged and counterfeit currency.
    8. It is a good competitive advantage for shops and shops that accept payment by card.